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Reply to "O'bama's address to school children"

Quote by Nuggyt: "Direct brainwashing of children. A low presidential low. On 9/8/09 a political pedophile goes on the prowl in our nations schools. No matter how much you may love this nut - children aren't old enough to consent to being "touched politically."
These folks aren't losing their damn minds, this is and has always been, their minds.

So when Prez Obama address the nation's school children next week, let them protest; keep their children home that day, turn off the TV in the classroom or send the kids to another room whose parents and/or schools/teachers requested it.

Hell, just let them keep their kids at home and home school their kids. More money, space and opportunity for schools. But just one thing. Don't go to the public library and check out books to teach your children at home. that's socialism. Buy your own goddam books!

The General Election, Stimilus package(s), TARP, Cash For Clunkers, Sonya Sotomayor, Dr. Henry Gates, Health Care Reform and so on and so on...... it does not matter, it goes on.

For the next 3.4 years and possibly 8, this is how these White folks are and have always been. They will continue to recruit, protest, behave and act thei way while being fueled by the D.C. Republican rhetoric politicians and I like it because with each protest of Obama and his agenda to change this nation, it becomes less and less about the issues and more about the real reason for saying no to everything, complaining and protesting: pure racism and hate that have never changed in this country; the Black President& his family, their overall hate for all Black people and anything Black (unless it makes them money but they will still hate) and their inherited, generational inbred racism.

White folk just can't help themselves. White people hate. This is who they are as a people.

At some point, the entire White population, pro and con, region by region, state to state, rich or poor, famous or not, will have to come to reality and call a spade a spade, stop blaming other races of people (and the Black President) for their ills and look inside themselves collectively and ask the question, "what in the hell is wrong with us? Why are we so far behind other races with regards to race relations?

Because none of this stuff is working. What does it do? Affect an opinion poll? His popularity rating? So what? Those are up and down all the time and it does not remove him from office or stop him from doing his thing and he knows that.

And they are not scaring anybody. It's almost laughable. 20

As the Prez's agenda & issues continue to unfold and they realize that their hatred voices is not affecting any change to suit them, and they continue to look and act sillier and crazier as time goes on, then hopefully they will understand just how stupid this really is, how stupid they look and that they are being used day in and day out to fight for their Republican instigators who could care less about them collectively and individually.

So from issue to issue, let them water down the issues; get angrier, bitch and continue to reveal themselves to the entire world who already know that American Whites uphold and support racism in this country. It's reflects negatively on them as an American White race and not on Americans as a whole.

And for them, it's not going to change anything.