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Reply to "O'bama's address to school children"

Originally posted by Kocolicious:

I'm going through my hope chest and pullin' out my black power gear i.e. natural comb, free huey t-shirt, black and proud button and other sorted rebellious items..cuz the revolution is finally HERE and it will NOT be televised.


You got THAT right, girlfriend!! These people out here dun lost they eva' lovin' minds!! Eek What. The. Hell?? Confused

I've been outta the loop for the last few days ... and, I'm just getting to the T.V. and watching some news on this madness .... and I am like ek Eek ek. Are they really freakin' the hell out over a speech the man hasn't made yet??? Is that for real?? 19

Yep ... the Revolution is NOW!!! You got that right! Because there's all manner of stupid jumpin' off from these White folks that are not ready to handle a Black man NOR change!!! They want the White-privileged status quo to continue as it has since the genocidal founding of this country. Roll Eyes And some of them will probably not be willing to give it up without a fight!

Well ... now they got BOTH!! A Black man ... and CHANGE!!! Of course the media is focusing on the controversy ... but, I'm thinking there are a number of people (of all (other) races) that are going to be more than willing to watch and allow they're children to receive a message about the importance of education from the President of the United States!!

And these bumpkins REALLY need to go sit down somewhere ... and count corn ... or chickens ... or watch paint dry ... or whatever the hell it is that they do for entertainment! 'Cause it's a whole 'nother story this time around!! fro WE got dogs and hoses and guns and bad attitudes, too ... if they really wanna get down like that! karate Big Grin