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Reply to "O'bama's address to school children"

Originally posted by Kocolicious:
fro Let's just SAY IT! They're doing this cuz he's BLACK! Straight. No chaser. There is no other reason for this bullshyte. They are just mad/stupid angry...beside themselves...that we have a Black President. They are mad that he was smarter in his campaign...and used all avenues of commuciation to win. And this is the lowest of lows. Lower than the idiot who bit off a health care protestor's finger recently. I'm just praying that the average thinking voter/parent/citizen can SEE through this and NOT be lead by the slithering of this white-wing racist propaganda. I hope that young folks are taking a mental note...cuz they are smart as a whip. And see for themselves what is actually happening before their eyes. And will understand and know....what a real hero what they do...NOT by what they say....but!

I'm going through my hope chest and pullin' out my black power gear i.e. natural comb, free huey t-shirt, black and proud button and other sorted rebellious items..cuz the revolution is finally HERE and it will NOT be televised.


I have been decorating my facebook page after this fashion. I had a elementary/high school friend express how much I had changed in the 20+ years since we had seen each other. I guess he thought those black fist and black panthers I used to draw on my notebook, our my presentation on Malcolm X in social studies were aberrations.

Hmm' I might have to wear my dashiki on the first day of class. daz