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Reply to "O'bama's address to school children"

Originally posted by nuggyt:
This is what a friend of mine had to say about it.......

Direct brainwashing of children. A low presidential low. On 9/8/09 a political pedophile goes on the prowl in our nations schools. No matter how much you may love this nut - children aren't old enough to consent to being "touched politically".

I can't imagine the mentality of a person who would (seriously) express such a conclusion.

When I was in school, I would have considered such a visit by the POTUS as an outstandingly lifting experience.

I now have grandchildren in (public) school.

I would consider such a visit to their class room a wondrous occasion.

Encouragement to do your best...stay in school...apply yourself is what I/we all encourage for our children.

Who would interpret such a visit a 'political encroachment' on the lives of those children?????????


Jim Chester