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Reply to "Obama trying to lower expectations – again"

"But!  This country has been dismissing MOST military folks fighting for our nation since the French/Ameica war!!!This is not anything new...except now it has been exposed more publically and the American people are becoming more active in addressing the military needs after they come to shore.  It is a slow process true.  But it has been ignored for years and now that is on the table for public view blame has been slinging toward the current administration UNFAIRLY.  First you need to talk to Andrew Jackson, then Roosevelt[sp] fast foward to Kennedy, Johnson, etc before coming to Obama.    But!   "




I've actually been a part of the VFW, including volunteering on occasion, and Caucasian leaders, community residents, etc., etc.,  honor their veterans, volunteer, support all veterans, which is generally not case in jurisdictions where honorably discharged Black veterans return to any community where elected black leaders, black residents, and/or the Black university educated middleclass congregate.


The information that I share as well as the information of other reputable individuals proves that BO is not the only misfit elected black leader. 


With regard to Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon,  and the so-called First Black President Bill Clinton, etc., etc., it is Caucasian America who held these individuals accountable for wrong doing, criminal acts, unethical acts, etc. , and not the Black electorate. 


Caucasians, Koreans, Hispanics, etc., etc., are not as likely to turn a blind eye or to cover-up foolishness, criminal activity, unethical activity, stealing from his or her own community, like what typically takes place in most any jurisdiction where elected black leaders, the Living in La La Land dysfunctional Black university educated are large and in charge, and the primary constituency represented are U.S. born and Black.


I commend you, Marvin Stewart, former Board Director of the Minuteman Project and other Minutemen, for your understanding of a most important function of all elected officials and the duty of elected officials to respect the Constitution and his or her oath of office when serving U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.


Unless Caucasian prosecutors or voters take action to criminally indict or prosecute Kwame "Betray Detroit" Kilpatrick, William "Stealing and Hiding Frozen Assets in a Refrigerator" Jefferson, Jesse "Messy" Jackson, Jr., Roosevelt Dorn,  Merv "illegal Alien-Reverend Jim Jones Flunky" Dymally, Maxine "Kerosene"  Waters, Yvonne "Brentwood" Burke, Pat Moore, etc., etc.,  for stealing, cheating, using false pretenses to hold or run for office, typically, no one is held accountable to the rule of law in the Black community.  If left up to black lawyers, city prosecutors, the so called university educated Black middleclass, etc., etc., no one is held accountable to the Constitution, the "Oath of Office, etc., which also accounts for the total failure of competent elected representation, and dismal economic conditions that exists in Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, New Orleans, Compton, etc., etc., for namely U.S. born Black men, women, and children.


In order to hold anyone accountable to the Constitution, the rule of law, the constituency served must believe in and respect the Constitution and/or the "rule of law".  By and large a dysfunctional Black electorate and the misfits who he or she vote for do not believe in or respect the laws of the land, namely the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc.


More so that not the majority of the Black electorate and the Black middleclass make heroes of misfits, and disrespect individuals truly worthy of praise, none of this being the fault of White Supremacy.

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