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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:
That's exactly what I'm doing Kweli...Barack is really BI RACIAL but is perceived as a Black man only..this is an accurate statement...although I'm aware that for political reasons Blacks prefer to ignor I'll just leave it at that....---LieDecryptor

Most African American-Americans are least.

Many of us are multi-national.

Few of us remain...purely...of African nationalities.

You will notice I have avoided falling into the societal norm of racial reference.

This discussion is about race only when 'we' are involved.

The rest society discusses these issues on the basis of nationality...except those of the Jewish religion.

Senator Obama is bi-national (in terms of ancestral natihality)...e.g. Kenyan and Irish.

In terms of citizenship, he is Kenyan and American.

In terms of race he is Negro and Caucasian.

In America, he is 'black' and 'white'.

He is mostly 'black' when he is looking for a job.

He is mostly 'white' when it is convenient to others.

He is mostly 'black'...also...when it is convenient to others.

I would guarantee that if we spent as much time discussing our ethnicity, as we do in discussing our 'color', our societal circumstance would move in quantum leaps.


Jim Chester

If it makes you feel better and helps you get to sleep at night believing in some "Negroes is mixed fairy tale" then knock yourself out.

Its surpising that a grown ass man is so distraught that other ethnic groups dislike him or his group, that he needs to resort to fairy tales about being "mixed" with these same groups in order to get some psychological peace of mind that he is not the outcast that he thinks he is.