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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

Originally posted by LieDecrypter:

Now ask yourself a question if those ancestors that you cited saw CT and your white friend who you claim is "Blacker than him" you think they would agree with you? Just because of CT's and your white friends political beliefs?....I'm more inclined to believe that they would beg to differ with you on that.....and so do I.

Actually, LieDecryptor ... what I am saying has everything to do with the point you are making. You simply either don't or won't or can't see your way to understanding it that way.

But, let me try to break it down for you this way: I absolutely think my ancestors would agree with me as to who was "Blacker", CT or my White friends. Because back in the day, they also had to make the same choice as a matter of survival ... i.e., if they were planning an excape, should they trust the the Black slave that would tell Massa to win favor, or the White abolitionist that would hide them from the dogs.

The point of fact here is ... should the often talked about but never actualized "Revolution" for Black folks ever take place in this country ... there are any number of White people that I know that I would rather be standing next to me before I would trust Clarence Thomas to "have my back". 'Cause that dog would shoot me first - in the back - to save his own White privledge in a New York minute! Eek And I know that!! And you should too.

However ... that you would trust his Black skin - and not his mentality and the overt actions of aggression he has continuously perpetrated against you (and all Black people) - as a measure of protection against those who would wish to harm you ... I don't think I'd want to be standing next to you either! Eek

If you weren't already a target, there'd be a big one on your back before you parted ways with your 'brotha' CT!

For me, the biggest mistake our people make about Blackness is that many tend to believe that someone is "obviously" Black just because there is a darkness to their skin tone. But you can scrap the thin layer of skin off with butter knife if you wanted to .. which is just about the depth of 'Blackness' in Uncle Tom.

If you think the words "pride and integrity" in being Black .. and .. Clarence Thomas have anything to do with each other, then I owe you an apology, because I have mistaken you for someone who knew better. sck