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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

Originally posted by LieDecrypter:

I know people like to play with euphemism's all the time but at some point colorful language needs to be checked at the door....most races know to do this when it comes to their identity...Blacks do not. It's interesting to me that Black is the only race that can be accessed to any and all who venture to indulge in that 'state of mind'. It's funny that no one has had a "Chinese State of Mind", "Mexican State of Mind" or enter race here..."State of Mind" which afforded them full access to that race in the same way one can gain access to Black culture simply by adopting a state of mind.

I understand what you are saying with the whole Black/Negro thing but at the end of the day that's all semantic's....Japanese actually call themselves NIPPON but that doesn't mean that they only allow certain Japanese to be called Nippon and others can't because of some politcal B.S. only Blacks play those kind of identity games with themselves....hence this whole notion that you can know a white person who is Blacker than CT....

"Semantics" you say? Confused Frown

The fact of the matter is that NO OTHER race of people in the world had their identities extracated from them the way that our people did.

Black people in America are the only one's who struggle with their identity because we are the only one's who were asked/told/beaten into being somebody else once we got to these shores.

We left Africa as Africans. And we arrived here as Africans, as well. Within time, we were terrorized out of all vestiges of our history, culture, language, knowledge, and memory of self. It is disingenuous to me to reduce the struggle to re-establish and find definition of our sense of identity to "semantics." We didn't "lose ourselves" or opt for a "make-over" for a lack of anything else productive to do. Roll Eyes

The Japanese, Mexican/Spanish, even Native Americans have an entire history they can follow backwards for a millenia (or two). The Black/African identity is the only one cut off and separated at two different shores with nothing but the blank void of the Atlantic in between.

So, our 'state of mind' was not the formation of some "political B.S.", as you call it, because we had nothing better to do with our time. There was a necessity to establish ourselves to the best of our ability for the sake of both our own sanity and survival.

Perhaps you believe that we've ultimately got it all wrong ... but, considering the circumstances, and IMO, we deserve a hell of a lot of credit for what we have accomplished to that end thusfar.