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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

It's funny that no one has had a "Chinese State of Mind", "Mexican State of Mind" or enter race here..."State of Mind" which afforded them full access to that race in the same way one can gain access to Black culture simply by adopting a state of mind.

I understand what you are saying with the whole Black/Negro thing but at the end of the day that's all semantic's....Japanese actually call themselves NIPPON but that doesn't mean that they only allow certain Japanese to be called Nippon and others can't because of some politcal B.S. only Blacks play those kind of identity games with themselves....hence this whole notion that you can know a white person who is Blacker than CT....---LieDecryptor

I was 'riding along with you' on this until the analogy of Japan.

The analogy fails, because 'color' is being compared to ancestral nationality and ethnicity.

'Black' is neither.

I, too, am always impressed with everyone/anyone being able to 'join the group' by simple declaration..., and while maintaining their society identity.

Certainly, Senator Obama did it..., and I accept it.

His relationship is stronger than many, if not most.

He is of African ancestral nationality.

Theresa Heinz-Keary, for example, is not..., and she tried to claim it.

Many of all ancetries and ethnicities try to show a 'passport' into our community by 'talkin' that talk', or 'walkin' that walk'.

Like the liberal use of 'Bro'.

We have come to even imitate it when we know the term is 'Bruh'.

But we embrace their ignorance apparently thinking we are being 'welcoming'.

Why do they want to join?

Why do they 'body-bump'?

Why do they 'do things like us'?

And still revile us?

I don't know.

I don't care.

I do however refuse to teach them.


Jim Chester