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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

In other words, you are not my equal and your Mulatto bs was always that: bullshit.

Same with your FAKE question a policies. You got me like Ali off in here though I know I didn't hit you that hard. So hard that after you asked "which of these policies..." that you're left without a word to say about these policies:

  • Predominantly Black Institutions grant program.

  • Harlem Children's Zone inspired Promise Neighborhoods urban policy.

  • The extension of the Second Chance Act via a government program aimed to try to help ex-offenders find work, etc.

  • Obama's legislation which gives Black farmers a chance at filing/settling discrimination claims.

    So it's clear to see that your claim that Obama can "only extend further damage" is either based on bs or based on something you've yet to clearly articulate.

    Those are the "preppy" points, points that shatter your bs claims, that you can't deal with. Points you knew were coming in the first place. That's why you ran scared with that FAKE azz warning that I'm not your equal.

    What you've just proven is that you're no my equal and you can never "out Black" me. You can have the bs Negro crown all to yourself though.

    Like I said from the beginning...

    Obama deserves plenty of criticism but this exaggerated bs and non-issue based nonsense needs to stop.

    Too bad you, a self-proclaimed advocate for our people, happen to be a poor advocate for our people and, worst, a poor advocate for your own position -- a poor defender of your own statements and claims.

    I showed my reasoning and VERIFIED that your reasoning was EXAGGERATED BS and NON-ISSUE BASED NONSENSE - i.e. just what I said. When it came time to talk policies aka issues, after your "which of these policies..." bluff was called... Well, you showed how it's not about the issues because you simply can't defend your claim that Obama would "extend further damage to the Black community" when it comes to those policies I listed which are just a few examples.

    So stop being a punk. As you say, BE A MAN and either advocate real, concrete issues or be man enough to say what your real issue is. Stop hiding behind "he's a mulatto."
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