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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

Anytime you're ready to "show your reasoning" as it relates to what Obama being a mulatto has to do with anything in terms of his actual policies... let me know.

Anytime you're ready to "show your reasoning" for asking about Obama's policies when you obviously are ignorant of them AND ARE TOO CHICKEN SH*T to talk about them now after I provided examples of specific policies aimed for the Black community... let me know.

Anytime you can explain why you're asking what I pledge allegiance to when you have no reason to think I pledge undying allegiance Amerikkka... let me know.

Anytime you can stop speaking FAKE Blackness and tell me how the policies I stipulated to, at your request mind you, actually fit your description of "only extending further damage to the Black community"... let me know.

Anytime you can explain why you're crying about being lectured on Euro-politics when that was what you wanted to do in the form of questions like "whose government?" (You were not asking me if it was "my government" when you started off)... let me know.

And skipping??? Negro that's the first thing you did when I first posted a response to your bs. Not knowing what to say, not knowing how to respond... you SKIPPED right over what I said and FAKED like I took issue with you saying something about people "holding out that he is but this great trojan horse in advocacy of OUR People."

Like an unprepared, overmatched dumbazz the only response you could come up with was:

Frown "I said some." Frown

Anytime you want to explain why you needed, desperately needed, to project your "can't read" problems onto me... let me know.

Obviously, you are not my equal and you can never "out Black" me.