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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

Originally posted by Nmaginate:
Is amerikkka your country? Have you pledged your undying allegiance to it?

WTF are you talking about? mf have you seen me pledged "undying allegiance to it"? Answer: No. All the more reason for you to find something else to talk about and leave these phony poses alone.

Simply put, when you have an intelligent question... then and only then come back and open your mouth.

I mean, really: know who the hell you're talking to... instead of assuming sh*t and hiding behind hope-filled, assumption-inspired bs questions like punk azz racist White conservatives (like the ones you mentioned). They are your equals. Your conversational intelligence and/or ability is on par with those weak mf's.

Elevate your game, Roarin'... I'm not supposed to be your equal... So why are you coming at me with this low-level bs? Say what the fuck you think and stop beating around the bush or around pussified questions trying to suggest something you need to believe or project onto me because you can't deal with what I've said.

If you were expecting Obama to be an "advocate" vs. a politician then that's your fuck up. But since you're asking stupid questions about which of his policies have something specifically to do with Black people then it's clear you're just fucked up in the head to begin with.

Your issue isn't with his policies. It's with the perceptions you have. You obviously don't know much or nothing about his policies; can't be concerned with actually knowing anything about what you call yourself wanting to talk about. That's why you're asking stupid questions about his policies after you made a bold declaration implying that he doesn't have any policies that will do anything positive for the Black community.

Here's a website to check Obama's U.S. Senate record. Simply find Obama (type "O") where it says "Select a Senator" and the bills he's sponsored in the U.S. Senate, 110th Congress come up. Click "New Search" and input Obama's name again and check 109th Congress for legislation in 2005 and 2006.

Know who the hell I'M talkin' to!

Who the hell are you? All of this gum-bumpin' you doing ain't impressed ME.

I said I don't 'do' euro-politic's,' but that don't mean that I CAN'T.

Do I look like I need a lesson in euro-politic's to you?

Save your euro-educational-political-lecturettes for dem little girls you teachin' how to 'skip,'cause as I'VE already stated, you're nothing but a waste.