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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

Originally posted by Nmaginate:
Who's government is it?

If that's your issue then your issue isn't with Obama. Now that some stupid sh*t fitting of ignorant White folk who are ditto-heads for racists like Hannity & Co.

Like you, they have this MISDIRECTED ANGST... hating the player when what they really hate is the game. Dude, you got issues with the government and obviously have had those issues and will continue to have those issues with or without Obama. That means your petty Negro issues aren't about Obama.

So what manner of Negro sickness, acute (or is it chronic) Stupid Negro Disorder, do you have and WHY, oh WHY do you want to make this about Obama when there is obviously nothing Obama can do, being a politician/president, that can solve you issue with who authored and framed the government he aspires to lead for but a brief period?

Which of these policies are designed specifically to include Those or, the Descendants of Those brought over from the middle passage as slaves?

It's pretty damn stupid for you to ask questions like that now. You talked like you were fully aware of the policies, so much so that you felt completely comfortable declaring that "Obama is only capable of extending further damage on the Black Community." The fact that you're asking about "these policies" SHOWING YOUR IGNORANCE about them, not knowing anything about them... showing your issue was never about them... Well, it's clear the reasoning you've shown to "the world" is very poor reasoning not worthy our people who, by all means, have every right and, I'm sure, plenty of reasons to take issue with Obama and his policies.

Your problem is that you're a poor advocate. You have failed to articulate a SUBSTANCE-BASED, specific policy/policies centered criticism of the policies Obama seeks to pursue. But then that makes sense because it's not about the policies with you. The government itself is the issue with you because it was authored and framed by dead White presidents (and racists for sure). Now I'm all for blowing the mf up and, if so desired, having a new Constitutional Convention to make Obama's "all in this together" rhetoric real but I'm also real about people being honest.

Now, you stop being a lazy azz Negro and tell me, after you've actually looked at Obama's policies (or at least those on his website and/or those referenced, however slightly, in his campaign speeches, etc.)... Tell me which of the policies he has pushed or proposed, individually and collectively, would fit your description. Tell me after you've done your homework exactly which specific policy/policies of his would "only extend further damage to the Black community."

That's if your issue is actually policy based as opposed to "twisted fixation", Mulatto based bs.


Boy, you sound just like one a dem pale-faces.

And THIS is where you got it twisted.....I don't even LIKE rap.

So.....hating? WTF is that?

Be a MAN and answer MY question. Is this your government?

Of course I haven't seen you pledge allegiance to it but then maybe THAT'S why I asked?

Now will you answer or will you continue to give the little girls 'skipping' lessons?