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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

Already you sound like one of those 'all but the white hooded' common-traitors hannity, limbaugh or o'really!


Anytime you're ready to show me that you:

(1) Can actually find a subject you can stick to.
(2) Are over and above me, someone who you claimed was not your "equal."

Anytime, Roarin'.

You asked me (bluffin' like a mf) to show my reasoning. I did just that and referred you back to things I said the first time. Things you still don't have an actual intelligent response to.

By providing 'substantive evidences,' tell ME why?

Okay, here's your chance for a do-over because that sh*t doesn't make sense. Tell you why.... WHAT?

quote: say that obuma is a politician.

What? Are you wanting to dispute that?

Who's policy is it?

I referred to his platform. I really could give a fuck whose policies you want to call them. Skip your retarded ass over to his website or search it up in this forum. This is about you adding teeth to the wolfin' you did with this emotion-based, obviously ignorance-based... clearly bs-based rhetoric about claiming, as in you just talkin' playa hater bs, that "obuma is only capable of extending further damage on the Black Community."

Let me show you how to raise an intelligent and, yes, an intelligible question with two words: HOW SO?

You say "obuma is only capable of extending further damage on the Black Community." Exactly what do you base that on? Some lying (I mean lion=Roarin') Negro feelins? What?

Instead the nonsense, Hannity-like stupid AND cowardly question of "WHOSE POLICIES?" (cowardly/coward-like because you don't have the courage to say what you believe, so you hide behind the powerlessness of suggestion-in-your-question)... Instead of showing how you are not my equal, step up to the plate.

Again, I referred to Barack Obama's platform. Indeed, I said:

If he pursues those in his platform then the "only capable of extending further damage" notion is sorely [mis]placed.

Frankly, when Obama has pushed for and won legislation that allowed Black farmers to file their 'reparations'/discrimination claims, even if they were Rush Limbaugh's policies, no amount of bs about Obama being a mulatto LIKE THAT SH*T ACTUALLY IS A PREDICTOR OF SOMETHING would have me believe that such policies "extends further damage to the Black community."

The same goes for his innovative, IMO, legislation to fund Predominantly Black Institutions (i.e. non-HBCU's, and obviously non-Ivy League colleges, with heavy Black student populations) or, rather, provide more grant money for "low-income African-American students" who attend and will attend those schools. I absolutely do not see how that "extends further damage to the Black community."

As for his platform, directly about his platform, I don't see how his Harlem Children's Zone inspired Promise Neighborhoods would "extend further damage to the Black community." Likewise, I don't see how his co-sponsorship of the Second Chance Act which is implicated his his platform position on government programs for ex-offenders complete with critical rhetoric about the state of the criminal (in)justice system like:

  • "It's a system where certain sentences are based less on the kind of crime you commit than on what you look like and where you come from."

  • As we fulfill Marshall's legacy and strive to right the injustices suffered by Genarlow Wilson and the Jena 6, let's bend down and help every kid pick up his or her boots for a second chance.

    So, I'm just saying, I don't see how those policies will "extend further damage to the Black community." And maybe Obama's policies are Thurgood Marshall's given what I just quoted. It doesn't matter "whose" they are when they are what they are.

    Now tell me what being a Mulatto got to do with it? Again, Clarence Thomas is about the blackest Black person in America. His momma and his daddy were both Black. So show me how you're reasoning is about something other than bs.
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