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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"


Already you sound like one of those 'all but the white hooded' common-traitors hannity, limbaugh or o'really!

Are THESE your 'hero's?' By providing 'substantive evidences,' tell ME why? And while you're at it... say that obuma is a politician. And that he is to pursue policy. Who's policy is it? Who's government is it? Who authored it? Who were it's 'framers?' Which of these policies are designed specifically to include Those or, the Descendants of Those brought over from the middle passage as slaves?

(And don't give ME the 'civil right or voting rights acts' cause there's nothing 'civil or right' about a twenty-five year lease on 'freedom.')

Is amerikkka your country? Have you pledged your undying allegiance to it?

Are you 'free?'

Do you know who Rev. Albert Cleage is? or, HIS relation to C.L. Franklin?

Do you know who Milton Henry is? How 'bout HIS Brutha, Richard?

Which of the above mentioned Bruthas denounced Their slave identities and assumed Their Rightful Afrikan Identities? Which Names did They assume and what do they mean?

At this juncture, I AM satisfied that I'VE already answered MY OWN question(s.)

Already I gave you more credit than you EVER deserved.

What a waste.