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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

Show the world your reasonings.

(*** Trying to stop from LMAO ***)

Roarin', I already showed my reason right here:

Posted August 02, 2008 10:38 PM

He's a politician. He's supposed to pursue policy. To whatever extent that makes for advocacy then fine but his job is to pursue policy. If he pursues those in his platform then the "only capable of extending further damage" notion is sorely [mis]placed.

Your non-fear laden response, please.

I also showed my reasoning here:

Posted August 03, 2008 12:06 AM

there are a host of non-mulatto Black people saying the same things he does and/or agreeing with him.

What's their problem? They're mulatto lovers??

Because of that, I have no idea what you think a "GENUINE BLACK MAN" is and what a "GENUINE BLACK MAN" understands. You tying that sh*t to a person's familial heritage and acting like there's some hard and fast rule to something like that is bs.

That's my reasoning in a nutshell.

From what we know, Frederick Douglass had a White biological parent and you would have to have some real "GENUINE" mental problems, no matter what your ideology, to say Douglass wasn't a GENUINE BLACK MAN.

Clarence Thomas is damn near blue black with no White parent(s) and I doubt you would classify him as a GENUINE BLACK MAN despite the racism he witness and faced in his formative years, etc.

Shelby Steele has a White parent. I'd put him in the same category as Thomas but Shelby's brother, Claude Steele, from the same Black/White union is the polar opposite of Shelby philosophically.

So, really? What is the idiotic notion of yours?

Show me that I'm not your equal by revealing or adding some substance as opposed to bs to your critique. Again, your non-fear laden response, please...

  • If he pursues [the policies] in his platform then the "only capable of extending further damage" notion is sorely [mis]placed.

  • Obama deserves plenty of criticism but this exaggerated bs and non-issue based nonsense needs to stop.

  • My reasoning is CLEAR, PLAIN and, by all appearances, UNASSAILABLE.

    Now talk some substance related, subject related sh*t.