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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

Originally posted by Nmaginate:
Some are holding out that he is but this great trojan horse in advocacy of OUR People.

He's a politician. He's supposed to pursue policy. To whatever extent that makes for advocacy then fine but his job is to pursue policy. If he pursues those in his platform then the "only capable of extending further damage" notion is sorely missed placed. And, given how no-mulatto Negroes hold the same positions he does... Well, that's the end of that "twisted fixation."

Obama deserves plenty of criticism but this exaggerated bs and non-issue based nonsense needs to stop.

Imagine THIS.

Now the conversation has moved beyond I have unequivocally stated 'I don't do euro-politics..' but when charged by the psychotic as to the brevity/legitimacy of ANYTHING BLACK, you got to clarify your euro-induced psycho-drivel.

Now, maginate, you seem to do well 'debating' your twisted points w/WOMEN or, cyber trolls, but here is your opportunity to communicate your 'ideas' to a Black Man---and prove where I may be 'lacking.'

What? did you think that I'D forgotten about you?

You stick your nose into a conversation I have commented on that had No Where invited YOU (but now you have been invited,) besides being subject to getting it slapped've got the opportunity 'vent' your concerns.

I said that obuma is a mulato and therefore incapable of comprehending the idiosycrasies of GENUINE BLACK MEN.....and I stand by it.

Show the world your reasonings.