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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

I said 'some.' What can you not read?

I read very well. I also read my statement as not taking issue with how many people are or aren't "holding out" for Obama to be the great trojan horse.

I read my statement to question your unsupported notion that he is "only capable of extending further damage." That and your "twisted fixation" on his mulatto-ness.

And, really, what would you WARN someone who is not your equal about if you "only rumble with those who are you equal" Confused

The sh*ts doesn't make sense any more than tying Obama's thoughts on issues to his mulatto-ness and when there are a host of non-mulatto Black people saying the same things he does and/or agreeing with him.

What's their problem? They're mulatto lovers??

Surely you, the one of whom I am no equal, could elevate your game to a level higher than that.