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Reply to "Obama Speaks Out Against Slavery Reparations"

Well - I never liked reparations anyway!

I guess I'll have to listen to the speech or preferably find the transcript. I don't have a problem with Obama being against Reparations. He just pisses me off with that bs one-size fits all rhetoric and the "best reparations" bs.

I'm tired of the f-ckin' stereotypes and ignorance coming out of his mouth when it comes to Black people/issues. His "best reparations" rhetoric begs the question: what does he think reparations is all about?

It's as if (and I think he said something like this) he calls himself disagreeing with a certain kind of reparations that's being advocated. But I'm like damn. Did the brother not go to Harvard? Does the brother not know Charles Ogletree? Can the brother not read and educate himself on the issue?

All he has to say is what he said during the UNITY convention:

The fact is that dealing with some of the legacy of discrimination is going to cost billions of dollars, and we're not going to be able to have that kind of resource allocation unless all Americans feel that they are invested in making this stuff happen.

I don't agree with that position and he, of all people, should be able to get his Beloved White Folk on board (though he apparently won't even try). I do, however, accept the idea as a reasonable position for a politician, especially, to have.