Reply to "Obama plans $130 billion in Social Security cuts"

"There can only be one reason for the president to sell out seniors and mislead the public into thinking that Social Security adds to the deficit. Obama wants a “grand bargain” with Republicans, and Republicans are more interested in eliminating the social safety net than they are in reducing the deficit."



I cannot express how disappointed I am to know that President Obama is actually going to offer up Social Security as a sacrifice, and to the very people that have did nothing but try to destroy his presidency, his image and his legacy [whatever will be left of his 'legacy' after such a betrayal to the American people, his voters, his supporters and to senior and disabled Americans].



"As it stands now, only people earning less than $113,700 a year pay into Social Security. Above the cap, the wealthy get a free ride. If there were a genuine desire or need to shore up Social Security, simply removing the cap for high-income earners would solve the problem."


This is where President Obama should have made ANY cuts in social security, and the only place, and for those reasons.


"In addition to being the first president—Democrat or Republican—to promote Social Security cuts, he is handing Republicans a powerful weapon to use again all Democrats in the next election. A majority ofAmericans like Social Security just the way it is.

If Obama manages to get Republicans to accept his offer to increase financial hardship on seniors, he will go down in history as the president who destroyed what is arguably the most successful government program ever created."


This is the absolute truth!  It will also prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we did not vote for who we THOUGHT we were voting for; but, however, that we have been "hoodwinked!" "bamboozled!" "Led astray!" "run amok!"

Not to mention what it will seal in time for any other potential Black president.