Reply to "Obama plans $130 billion in Social Security cuts"

Well, yeah, but .... let's be real!!


It certainly isn't the FIRST time he's done either one of those things!! (i.e., offer compromised or put social services on the table!)  This is not new.  But people seem to be just "seeing" this for the first time.  


And, I beg to differ that being "liberal" has nothing to do with it!!  There isn't ONE "Liberal" Congressperson that would even think about considering to THINK about talking about putting ANY social service on the table!!!


For those who thought (or hoped) he would never do it ... they weren't paying attention to "Candidate" Obama and what he was saying his intentions were during his campaign.  


Do you NOT remember how many times ... and how many Black people ...he threw under a bus ... even before his battle with Hillary even took off good???    Yes, Black people gave him the "oh, he has to do that to get elected!" excuse for doing so!  But the TRUTH is that ... in his eyes ... those Black people were WHOLLY expendable ... for his purposes!!  And he didn't feel as if he was doing anything wrong .... the way that ALL OTHER BLACK PEOPLE thought it WAS wrong ... but that there was a justification for it!!


Well .... there was NO justification.  It wasn't an "excuse."  The President was being the President.  And he's STILL being who he was/is THEN/NOW.  No 'smoke and mirrors.'  No "(justified) excuses."  


President Obama has in some way "sacrificed" the American people/Black people/other various special interest groups .... to "appease" Republicans with EVERY proposal he's put forth for EVERY type of problem he's tried to solve!!  


A lot of Black people are VERY upset right now about the President's new-found support for gay marriage .... but, nobody seems to remember that 1) gays were highly pissed off at him the day before he issued that so-called support; because 2) he had said NOTHING for the three years prior in the way of giving support .... and STILL might not have done it yet, had it not been for VP Joe - (unfortunately) speaking 'on behalf of the White house' - and publicly giving HIS support for it!!   After that ... the President had to come on out with it ... if he wanted to get their votes!!


The gay people LOVE him .... NOW!!!  But a year ago today???  Not so much.  


The President has NOT changed who he was.  For whatever reason ... people are just seeing a different person now than who they THOUGHT they were seeing then.