Reply to "Obama plans $130 billion in Social Security cuts"

LOL .... it's okay, Ms. Koco!!  


I'll tell ya what .... cuts or no cuts ..... I totally TRUST that whatever the President proposes or does with respect to the so-called "entitlement programs" ... WILL NOT be something that severely adversely HARMS any of us who are "vulnerable"!!  


I know people get all weirded out when they even hear the words "entitlements" and "cuts" in the same sentence!!  And if they were coming out of the mouth of a REPUBLICAN president .... I'd be crappin' in my pants right now, too!!  


While I agree with Sunnubian 150% on the fact that Social Security isn't something the President needs to even be holding out as a carrot - since it doesn't have anything to do with the deficit ... and is ONLY being used as an "appeasement" to the Republicans to try to get them to believe that they President is willing to show compromise (and I totally agree that THAT'S NOT a good enough reason!!!) ....


.... the fact is ... I do TRUST and BELIEVE that, in the end, the President has the best interests of the people/country OVER the best interests of the rich and elite!!!  I do TRUST and BELIEVE that .... what he does ... what he compromises for .... IS indeed a compromise ... having to 'give something up' to get "something good" that is beneficial for 'we the people' in the process.


I know that ex-Prez Bush NEVER had the 'interests of the people' in his heart ... and couldn't have cared less what negative impact his proposals had on us ... compared to his concern of protecting the rich's riches.    Everything he did was to benefit THEM ... not US.  


And the same goes for his putting us in the two unnecessary "wars" that have killed thousands of our innocent troops ... and brain damaged tens of thousands more.  President Obama has not ONCE sent our troops into harms way in that same thoughtless fashion.  And NEVER would!!  People complain that he has "kept" troops in that "war zone"  .... but President Obama has NEVER CONDEMNED our troops to die for no good reason!!!


The same is true for any "entitlement cuts" that may (or may not) happen!!  He PROTECTED Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security from being part of this so-called "Sequester."  He agreed to "furloughs" (one day a pay period) and NOT massive job losses (everybody gets fired, instead!).  When he "compromised" to extend the Bush-era tax cuts ... he did so so that MILLIONS of Americans would CONTINUE to receive their unemployment checks for an additional 70 weeks than they originally should have!!


So, yes .... you give some to get some!!  That's the way it goes.  But .... if what you're getting in return is significant .... and what you're giving up isn't .... then I'll take that bet!!    It's better than nothing.  And better than the alternative.  


Nobody gets 100% of what they want.