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Reply to "Obama and Popeye's chicken"

Just because you are a leading AA does not mean you are obligedto accept the invitation of the SOBU. 8
Now, I respect Tavis and the work he does. tfro

I acutally enjoy the SOBU with it's array of Black intelligentsia asembled. 3 But in the end..what does anyone leave with?

For many, it becomes simply a hollering fest.

There are 35 million Blacks. subtract those who are incarcerated (700,000-1 million ) those who are Jehovah Witnesses, those who are uninspired, lazy and indifferent.

How many AA's are registered to vote?

How many actuallyvote?

Obama hasto present himself as someone who is a leader for all citizens NOT just AA's.

He needs the confidence of more than just those in the Black community.

I have stated this b4. I think Cosby is right. Many AA's live way below our priviledge and seem to be fighting to remain there.

Many foreingers, (including Africans) speak three, four languages. Many in the da hood, can't master one, but they and their defenders fight to defend that fact? 9

What is the prize for the race to the bottom? td6