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Reply to "Obama and Popeye's chicken"

Originally posted by Noah The African:
Yes...and some of the SAME NEGROES on this forum who are waiving and shaking pom poms for this Negro attacked Bill Cosby for saying the same things...... 20

Bill Cosby is a comedian/actor/scholar. For him to criticize how black children and adults in the projects aren't speaking right, and he's the one that created Mushmouth from "Fat Albert," is kinda hypocritical.
We are definately in the general election phase now and the selling out of and telling off of Negroes is hitting full swing dance

Yeah....I understand the strategy too HeruStar LOL....

Just like black folks went to the dance with Clinton and then left them for a black canidate.....Obama came to this dance with blacks and now has left black folks for the affection of white folks.

Thats yaws boy!!!

Oh...and that gif above....thats obama tap dancing for white folks.... 20

If only I can find a gif of Cosby tap dancing and eating a Pudding Pop at the same time. lol