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Now Speaking of an Endless Loop Cycle of Poverty, Heavy Dependence on Social Welfare

Welfare, Begging for AA Benefits, Wasting Their Time Playing the Dozens, Praising Misfits While Condemning Individuals Truly Worthy of Praise.......

.....the Black Community is Going to Feel the Cuts of Social Welfare More Than Any Other Community,
Namely Because of Its' Own Inept Elected Black Leadership, the Failure of the Black Middleclass to Free the Black Community From Being so Heavily Dependent on AFDC and Social Welfare for its Survival. The Lack of Ownership of Sufficient Private Business Entities to Provide Employment Opportunity to the Black People Who Choose to Work for an Honest Living.....

......Which Would Reduce the Need for worthless self-destructive AFDC, and Social Welfare benefits, in Black communities across the U.S.


"Yo, Kevin, leave MikeBot alone!

You're talking to a Chatterbot, dude.

It's like talking to a brick wall with a loudspeaker on it repeating propaganda on an endless loop cycle." by by truly Empty, and Misguided, Empty Purnata

"I thought the purpose of this board was for insightful dialogue and not childish attempts to be antagonistic and degrading...right now reminds me of my nephews doing and saying little infantile things to get my attention when I was studying...eventually they would see that their efforts to disnengage me from my studies were futile and they would take their azzes outside to play. They were children and did not take long to see that I was unphased by their actions...I wonder how long it will take an adult to see the same? hopefully less time than the children did.

**Once again it is a sad state of affairs when those who find so much wrong with black people do not even have the mental capacity to formulate ideas to rectify what they find wrong. In their feeble attempts to run after me and have the last word...they could really demonstrate that they care for black people and that their thinking has evolved past childish gradeschool tactics that are supposed to be antagonistic in nature. I am placing this post in here so everyone at can get a clear look at who is the adult and who is the child in this situation." by Kevin41


It Would be an Adult Move for the Black Community to Get Busy, Because the Black Community Will Be Feeling the Wrath of Social Welfare Cuts More So than Any Other Community!


Michael Lofton


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