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Reply to "Not Modeling The "Model": The New White Flight"

Besides the Virginia Colony, our whole communal history between emancipation until the CRM, i.e., Integration, our model for existence was the "asian model."---K4R

We have tried every imaginable way to fit the European model for us to be a 'parity participant' in our society.

All have failed. Every effort has lack something.


The 'leverage' is to be able to function outside of the 'color construction' of our society.

It is color that enables us to be constrained.

The leveraging parameter for parity is identity ootside of that 'color construction'.

That leveraging parameter is ancestral nationality.

But that parameter requires that we as individuals exercise personal authority over ourselves.

And...few of us are self-aware enough, not only to do that, but to believe we, as individuals, CAN, are empowered, to do that.


Jim Chester