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Reply to "Not Modeling The "Model": The New White Flight"

as for my ability to read, i'll put up my educational credentials up against yours any day of the week but in the final analysis what does that prove? i assure you, this blackman can read.
Well, if you can read (and comprehend)... your question was posed for what purpose?

you may or may not have noticed but while you have chastised my posting for 'stereotyping' black americans you yourself have in turn ňústereotyped' me. don't you think that is a contradiction?
I've "stereotyped" you how??

if you can't tell by now that i'm not a conservative ideologue, then i don't know what to tell you.
Since that's your suggestion? Upon what do you base this idea that I have "stereotyped" you as a "conservative ideologue."

if/when you disagree with a specific point i make, ask a simple question for clarification. going on the offensive or jumping to conclusions wastes a lot of time and gets us nowhere.
WHAT conclusions did I "jump" to? That you're a "conservative ideologue"??

It's pretty hard to sustain your view here. Your assumption here when I've more than recognized things you've said before.

So, go ahead... Hold up your educational credentials, this, that and the other... But when you get done, please let me know what the purpose of your question was.

As I have said, you don't need me to validate you or your question/idea. In the meantime, please also follow your own advice, as it were:
if i choose to spend 4% or 5% of my time here criticizing the negative behaviors or aspects i perceive of my community then i will do that. if this offends your sensibilities, i'm sorry for that but i will not suppress my opinions.
But, please, go ahead and tell me how I've stereotyped you. Or is it just that you can't find another excuse...?

You say you're not here "to engage in fruitless verbal sparring..." But it is my perogative not to engage in little validation games played with questions like yours. It is also my perogative, as is yours, to respond to what you post as I see fit. Like you said:
if this offends your sensibilities, i'm sorry for that but i will not suppress my opinions.

Don't trip because that's the way I am. Also, tell me what I'm "offended" by or what you perceive as me "going on the offensive?"

I disagreed with what you said. Stated my disagreement on the very points I disagreed... but, curiously, you ask a question that was unrelated to any of my points. Now, how exactly should I treat that?

Now, as for this....
as for my indian friend, he grew up in queens, father died and mother had to rent out a bedroom in her apartment to make ends meet. so needless to say his family wasn't from a higher socio-economic class. when i tell you, you're missing the point, you're really missing the point.
Hmmm... Now, I'm sure there is a Black person with a similar story of relative poverty, loss of a parent and academic accomplishment in spite of... So what was the point that I missed?

Surely in all your academic training you have had the opportunity to learn that anecdotal evidence is the less reliable especially when trying to extrapolate on something larger from a limited sample. You cited one individual as he, your friend, seemed to validate a stereotype you want to on one hand use to criticize Blacks with but on the other totally contradict the esteem you give Indians/Asians by asking: if asians are so intelligent, disciplined and organized why is the continent of asia so screwed up.

That's stuff for you to reconcile. Needless to say, I will not ignore those inconvenient statements (for you) for you to feel "validated."

With nothing said to contend with what I have said, my points stand. (Again, there's, no doubt, some Black person who had a parent die while they were young, etc., etc. who went on to excell academically or however.)