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Reply to "Not Modeling The "Model": The New White Flight"

probably not...but that's a tough question to answer.---Negrological

Wait a minute!

Someone ask if there would have been a civil rights movement if we had the 'asian model' for community.

This suddenly strikes me as being unlikely even accepting the suppostion on behavior.

Our history, as a people, would still be the same. Our population impact in society would still be the same. Our impact on voting would still be the same.

And...our color would still be the same.

If we now add to that the improbability of a cohesive community, we have recreated the Virginia Colony of 1676 which produced the The Bacon Rebellion which was a regionl war among Europeans over a demand by the lower-class Europeans for protection against 'high-performing' colonists of unknown African ancestry.

This resulted in a settlement assuring Low-performing Europeans that no African could ever be of greater substance than a European no matter how significant that performance.

We have alredy 'been there'.

So...the answer is 'Yes, as demonstated by history'.

By the way, I just heard Limbaugh call these California parents 'Liberals'.

I would have guessed these Simi Valley folks were 'Conservatives'; as the description seems to be running currently.


Jim Chester