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Reply to "Not Modeling The "Model": The New White Flight"

In directly addressing your rant above

And Stanford and other Cali schools should have long since been majority Asian. You're late... Catch the fuck up!!

AGAIN you make the case that they are VICTIMS OF RACISM in the past.

Well in 2005 - 50% of the FRESHMAN CLASS IS NOW ASIAN. Please tell me the RELEVANCE of the past on the students who walked onto campus THIS YEAR TO STUDY?

Do you think that the fact that many of their ancestors worked on the railroads in America and had very substandard working conditions is RELEVANT to THEIR MISSION TODAY? No doubt their ancestors could not get into Berkeley or Stanford in the past.

TODAY BITCH, TODAY. Let us talk about TODAY.

What have the ASIANS done to increase their "troop strength" at Berkeley while the BLACK STUDENTS have sustained a DEPOPULATION after having PLACED THEIR HOPE IN KEVIN'S EDUCATIONAL ADMISSIONS PLANS FOR BLACK FOLKS? WHICH OF THE TWO GROUPS ARE IN POSSESSION OF A MORE "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" FOR ADMISSIONS? Are you really that passive? Do you only KNOW ANGER AND PROTESTS to get your way? What "protests" did the new non-White majority at Berkeley perform to achieve domination?