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Reply to "Not Modeling The "Model": The New White Flight"

you missed the entire point. are you disagreeing that black people (as a whole) would be better off if there was a profound attachment to community as my indian example? and why? i'd like you to be more specific...
N-Logical? How do you think the "Black People would be better as a whole" point was made by you saying:

black americans don't operate that way and to be honest, i wish we did...

Umm... There was no specific references by you to some "AS A WHOLE" (whatever that's suppose to mean or however that "whole" is constituted). You spoke IN THE NEGATIVE. Not the positive. You said "WE DON'T!" "I wish we did. But we don't."

Now, seriously... When you hold someone or something else up as an example or something admirable or desired and then bemoan the idea that "We DON'T do that... (*sigh*, *sigh*)" what "point" do you think you're making? I guess all those "Woe is WE" emotions are suppose to be invisible.

What "point", again, do you think you're making by comparing, apparently, the sons and daughters of the relative "elite" among Indians, etc. with the sons and daughters of poorer, less educated Black parents?

I mean, unless your Indian friend's parents were just as poor and just as (un)educated as the parents of your friends and family you reference as living in the South Bronx then you are not only holding those Black people to a higher standard, you're holding them to a Double Standard of sorts. Not only do you expect them to do better but you expect them to do better than or just as good as people who ostensibly are from a higher socio-economic class than they are which is ridiculous.

Again, you've made quick use of stereotypes and generalizations to make a "point" which again communicates something ridiculously negative because you can't be bothered with making accurate comparisons (from like samples).

And all that is really rather ironic considering your very first point:
if asians are so intelligent, disciplined and organized why is the continent of asia so screwed up.
Now, contrast that to what you think your "point" is. See... there you are talking about Asians, Indians in this case, AS A WHOLE. In as much as we can compare African-Americans with say the Chinese or India-Indians (seeing as how Black people, Black Americans don't have a nation), when we do look at these peoples AS A WHOLE, Black American vs. India-Indians AS A WHOLE, incorporating all socio-economic classes, etc. then these "points", like yours, tend to MISS THE POINT.

You just demonstrated how you are aware of how "F-uped" India is but you still castigate African-Americans AS A WHOLE for not being comparable to the self-selected sampling of Indians that make it here to America.

Seriously... What is your point? Do Indians, in India, AS A WHOLE value academic excellence with that reflected in what they achieve even in their more degraded neighborhoods? i.e. are the poorest of Indians in India performing way above the poorest African-American?

If you don't know an answer to that then I suggest that your "point" is moot. No matter how good the intentions...

Seems to me you are comparing something like a team from a major NCAA basketball conference, e.g., to a mid-major or junior college and expecting, as a rule, for the mid-major team, a team that's not in the same relatively "elite" class, to be competitive.

Also, you're comparing African-Americans AS A WHOLE or on avg. with Indians, e.g., who represent a particular class, IMO, (i.e. not Indians AS A WHOLE) without calculating what the actual indigenuous India-Indian average is.

Then, too, the fact that India is a nation run by Indians (as opposed to America not being a country run by African-Americans) has to be factored in somewhere.

So you could be much more specific as to what you think your point is and why you think your implicit comparisons are valid.

are you disagreeing that black people (as a whole) would be better off
Did you see such a statement? Can you LOGICALLY infer that I was "disagreeing" with the idea that "Black people would be better off IF..."

NO. You and I both know you cannot. So what is all that posing for? You don't need me to validate that idea. And that thought is too ridiculous. How you can even phrase such a question and either be serious or expect me to take it seriously is beyond all logic and common sense.

Again, you don't need me to validate you or that statement. So why are you asking me to?