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Reply to "Not Modeling The "Model": The New White Flight"

YOUR BLANKET statement does not capture the entire issue.
WTF are you talking about?

What "blanket statement"???

PUNK..... or PUSSY?

You made this statement:
I just heard a story yesterday on NPR that said that UC Berkeley is not 50% ASIAN and growing.
... to which I said, in essence, it's been that way for a while.


What part of my "statement" (a response to yours, explaining how it isn't a "just now" situation) is any more "blanket" than yours? Let alone "clueless" in terms of its "relevance"... seeing as how it was/is a direct statement-response to yours?

Yes!! I'm still conflicted. I don't know whether you are just a PUNK... Or if you're a PUSSY. You tell me.

You tell me exactly how clueless you are for this BLANKET shit you said:
The loss of Blacks at Berkeley because they were DEPENDENT on a government program was A GAIN FOR THE ASIANS who have no such dependency.

That sure doesn't sound like some discrepancy relating to athletics that were overcome. And, nothing I said made a statement that was contradicted by the interview. And...

IT IS IRRELEVANT in the discussion of how BLACK PEOPLE are going to increase our numbers in such schools.
This whole thing devolved from your incessant rhetoric as you predictably used this topic as an opportunity to take pot-shots at Black people while not saying a damnd thing about "how to increase the number of Black people in [major] colleges and universities." You can highlight your statements to that effect from your original post.

That way you will help me decide whether you are A PUNK... or A PUSSY. Because you and I both know you didn't have shit to say towards an actual solution.

You see... Though I am still conflicted (still don't know if you're A PUNK or A PUSSY)... I do know, for sure, that I GOT YOUR WOLF TICKETS!!! cool