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Reply to "Not Modeling The "Model": The New White Flight"

Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
Why do we continue to take denigrate ourselves? Mad bang

I, for one, partied my butt off my entire 1st semester of college and my grades reflected it. When I got my grades, I was embarassed and ashamed to show them to my parents. When I finally did, they read me the riot act and I excelled from there.

I would wager that there are far more Black parents riding Black students to achieve than we give ourselves credit for.

Just ask any child of Black parents that wanted to go to college but for whatever reason couldn't, but worked 2 jobs to afford their child the opportunity.

my posting had nothing to do with denigration, it was a critique based on my observations. i love black people as much as anyone here and because of my love, i'm unafraid to criticize. if you have a family member or friend going down the wrong path, are you not going to express objection and/or provide a solution?

i don't believe in attacking the social system of opression to the point of absolving my people of responsibility. YES, we have limited choices but we still have a responsibility to handle those limited choices in a dignified, productive and respectful manner. if we want to be the people we were are destined to be, we not only have to deal with social marginalization and disenfranchisement but we have to excersize our own demons and shortcomings.

i grew up in the south bronx and still go to visit family. and i'll guarantee you most of the kids i see walking around aimlessly don't have parents at home drilling home the notion of a good education. those kids aren't being told...if you're not educated you're dishonoring family and the african-american community.