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Reply to "Not Modeling The "Model": The New White Flight"

Since we're speculating... Anyone care to comment on whether we'd even have "civil rights" if we were like "Asians"??---Nmaginate

That is interesting.

I think the answer is, 'No."

What would be the issue?

Our society is based on 'color'. The system does not refer to Asians as 'yellow'. This is not to say there is no racism direct to Asians.

We all know there is.

But what would be the issue?

The arithmetic is not large enough to threaten political power.

That's what this whole thing against African American-Americans is about, after all. All the issues ultimately tie back to political power.

No, there would not have been a civil rights movement.

Always remember the comment of the lawyer (Asian) who was on the committee for the 'Discussion About Race', chaired by John Hope Franklin, who told him to 'Get over it!!!'

I know she didn't speak for all Asians, but there is an attitude there that resonates in much of the Asian population.


Jim Chester