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Reply to "Not Modeling The "Model": The New White Flight"


I just heard a story yesterday on NPR that said that UC Berkeley is not 50% ASIAN and growing.
And Stanford and other Cali schools should have long since been majority Asian. You're late... Catch the fuck up!!

Now, if you're intelligent enough, you can figure it out. It's anecdotal (from another forum) but it's been stated before:
Twenty years ago I recall having a conversation with some Chinese friends all of whom were third, fourth and fifth generation Americans about the admission policies of an Ivy League university we had all attended. They were miffed because they felt that the university was not admitting all the qualified Chinese students who had applied. My contribution to the conversation was that the university in question would absolutely never admit all or even a majority of the qualified Chinese students that applied because one of the school's unstated societal roles was to uphold a certain cultural hegemony and viewpoint that would be undermined if a majority or a substantial minority of the students were ethnically Chinese.
But there's more as I reflect on a comment made by Sen. Joe Biden during the UM Affirmative Action case days while he was on Hardball's (With Chris Matthews) College Tour. Sen. Biden said, Stanford did a study of sorts in the early 90's that if they'd admitted students strictly on Academic Merit the school would have been virtually all Asian. Check the stats. Throughout that whole time the Stanford was either majority White or Whites maintained the largest plurality of any ethnic/racial group or classification.

And there's reason to believe Asians weren't silent about that fact:
...many universities became alarmed at the growing Asian American student population on their campuses. So much so that once the Asian proportion of their student population reached 10%-15%, they began to reject Asian students who were clearly qualified. Soon, Asian Americans were accusing universities such as U.C. Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, and Brown of imposing a quota or upper limit on their admission numbers. After several protests and investigations, these universities admitted that there were problems with these admission policies but never admitted any deliberate wrongdoing.

Soon thereafter, many conservatives and opponents of affirmative action began to argue that these Asian American students were "victims" of affirmative action, just like Whites. In other words, these Asian American students were being denied admission when other "less qualified" ethnic groups (implying Blacks, Latinos, and American Indians) were being admitted.

As many Asian American scholars note, at first this argument may sound plausible. But after careful investigation, the real issue is not that Asian students are "competing" with other racial/ethnic minority groups. Rather, the real cause of this controversy is the widespread use of admissions factors that always seem to favor Whites.
So, it's clear you're here running your damn mouth again without a clue of what you're talking about. But, as long as it fits your RHETORIC... You're off and running. Even if it proves you to be twice as ignorant as anyone could have ever expected.

Who cares if you are not liked as a race?
Well, RHETORIC MAN (as alluded to above)... It would seem as if those "Asians" from that very website that I quoted the WSJ story sorta "Focus On White Folk" too. So what really seems to be your problem?

I do believe this isn't the first time you were presented with this site or this opportunity to educate your profound ignorance... all with the same rhetorical thrust and purpose you want to DENY:

Black people are not the helpless, unachieving, can't-do-anything-for-themselves, doormats that you are constantly alluding to... if you'll quit thinking we're sooooo pitiful, you may be able to see ways that we can improve upon our strengths and build on our achievements -- instead of browbeating us with "you're screwed up and will never amount to anything" type tactics. - signed EBONY ROSE (et al)

But more to the point:
About A Guide to Asian American Empowerment

As diverse and rapidly changing as the society we live in, Asian Americans do not conform to any single description. Despite this, Americans reluctant to address the realities of continuing racism and white privilege have consistently portrayed Asian Americans as a "model minority" who have uniformly succeeded by merit.

While superficially complimentary to Asian Americans, the real purpose and effect of this portrayal is to celebrate the status quo in race relations. First, by over-emphasizing Asian American success, it de-emphasizes the problems Asian Americans continue to face from racial discrimination in all areas of public and private life. Second, by misrepresenting Asian American success as proof that America provides equal opportunities for those who conform and work hard, it excuses American society from careful scrutiny on issues of race in general, and on the persistence of racism against Asian Americans in particular.

And, Mr. PUNK (or is it Mr. Pussy?)...
Stop FRONTIN'... You claimed to believe in TWO FRONTS?
Then what's all the [projectionist] RHETORIC for??

It seems that YOU and others are on a quest to be LOVED... by White people.
So how do you explain your many acts IN DEFERENCE? ... In other words, STFU!!!

Leave the RHETORIC at home and STFU!!

PUNK or PUSSY?? You tell me, because I'm still conflicted... and laughing too.
I mean, you're the one with this FANTASTIC SAMS view but you talk about the "quests" of someone else.
You're a freakin' joke!
Talk shit while logically defending the shit you say or.... STFU!!!
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