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Reply to "Not Modeling The "Model": The New White Flight"


I just heard a story yesterday on NPR that said that UC Berkeley is not 50% ASIAN and growing.

From the PERSPECTIVE OF THE ASIANS (I know that you love to focus on White folks) DO YOU THINK THAT THEY CARE WHAT THE WHITE FOLKS DO?

Clearly they don't think that the Whites believe that Asians are INFERIOR as they are beating the Whites at their own game.

It seems that YOU and others are on a quest to be LOVED as Black people by White people.

The ASIANS don't give a DAMN about what others think about them. They are holding no prisoners and taking no names in what they do. The loss of Blacks at Berkeley because they were DEPENDENT on a government program was A GAIN FOR THE ASIANS who have no such dependency.

At the end of the day THEY HAVE GAINED ADMISSION into this INSTITUTION WHICH IS AT THE TOP OF THE WHITE ELITE TECHNCIAL PYRAMID. They beat "da man" at his own game.

Why de White man can say that the school "smells like curry and soy sause" THEY ARE OUT and the Asian is in. Who has the last laugh?

Who cares if you are not liked as a race?