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Reply to "North Korea: Begging For An Ass Wuppin'!"

I don't give a ratz ahz about people who brainwash their own kids with religious bullshiyt to commit suicide murders on innocent people. And until them honor killers of their own female sisters and daughters stop doing that shiyt, they can kiss my black ahz! I for one will never respect that, fuk'em!

OK, the world does not revolve around them backward ahz people. Peace is not their way, Islam is not a religion of peace as Malcolm X says, all you have to do is put a freakin hand on a backward ahz Muslim and you got a deadly conflict, and you live up to it too, and BTW, you are not peaceful a people you are full of hate and venom that is taught by your faith and by your religious leaders. Islam is the most intolerant faith ever created by men. If god is behind your beliefs then he can kiss my ahz too but I know damn well he's not.

Me and my homies was just talking about Malcolm X and it's agreed that he was bigger than the ideas of Islam, his ideas could never fit in the itty bitty box that Muslims are encourage to fit their lives in. Too bad Muslim haters shot him in cold blood because he spoke the truth about the leader of his faith.

You keep comin at me with that bullshiyt I'll keep comin back with my contempt for backward ahz Arabs like you and them stanky Pale ahz Palestinians.

This is a African American Board, not a pro Palestinian info board. I don't give a damn how much you hate Americans and Jews. We have problems of our own and the Pale ahz Palestinians are not our problem. If you want something done about it, then you Arabs invest your money in a military and take them Isrelis out but you know what will happen, they will kick your ahz'z again!

You Saudi's are the biggest hypocrites in the world and it is because of the ignant religious tenents your Country promote has made this world a more dangerous place. Yet, people like you lie with that bullshiyt that Islam is a religion of peace when you look at the world most of the armed conflicts are led by backward ahz Islamics that everybody must cowtow to to make you happy, fuk'em!

BTW, you are a hypocrite, when are you going back the that woman hatin Saudi of yours huh? I know why you love it in London because there you have freedom that you don't have in your home country governed by a bunch of religious control freaks! Who will beat your female Ahz if you aspire to drive a damn car. Yet, you want to promote a faith that condemn women in general, like your Holy Book says, there are more women in hell than men because it's filled with Islamic women who did not kiss the Ahz'z of their Mulsim husbands which means they did not appreciate their Muslim husbands. It's OK with Islam to beat your female Ahz's when the husband feels you need it. A faith of Peace my Ahz!

Talk to somebody else about them sorry ahz Palestinians and one more thing, we don't need your fukkin money, but you sorry ahz Saudis needed our military to save your LAZY sorry ahz's from Saddam yet you want to condemn us for trying to take him out. I'm not for any war but when our troops take the field I'm hoping for a great success and hope that we go about doing things differently in the future.

The US should have let Saddam take over the whole damn region and let him put you brainwashed Islamics in your place. Bush 41 made the wrong choice of allies. Saddam would have been better than the Saudis ever could be.

OK Wink

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

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