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Reply to "North Korea: Begging For An Ass Wuppin'!"

Reasonable person? Savage mentality of the Palestinians? I'm horrified. Have you heard of a state called Israel? Unjustifyingly built on Arab land? You think it's Arabs who are savages? Hmm ok, let's examine that?

1939 Haganah blew up the Iraqi oil pipeline near Haifa. Moshe Dayan was one of the participants in the act. This technique was used again in 1947 at least 4 times.

August 20, 1937 - June 29, 1939 During this period, Zionists carried out a series of attacks against Arab buses, resulting in the death of 24 persons and wounding 25 others.
(What were you saying before about the buses?)

November 25, 1940 S.S.Patria was blown up by Jewish terrorists in Haifa harbour, killing 268 illegal Jewish immigrants.

February 24, 1942 S.S. Struma exploded in the Black Sea, killing 769 illegal Jewish immigrants. Described by the Jewish Agency as an act of "mass-protest and mass-suicide."

November 6, 1944 Zionist terrorists of the Stern Gang assassinated the British Minister Resident in the Middle East, Lord Moyne, in Cairo.

July 22, 1946 Zionist terrorists blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which housed the central offices of the civilian administration of the government of Palestine, killing or injuring more than 200 persons. The Irgun officially claimed responsibility for the incident, but subsequent evidence indicated that both the Haganah and the Jewish Agency were involved.

October 1, 1946 The British Embassy in Rome was badly damaged by bomb explosions, for which Irgun claimed responsibility.

June 1947 Letters sent to British Cabinet Ministers were found to contain bombs.

September 3, 1947 A postal bomb addressed to the British War Office exploded in the post office sorting room in London, injuring 2 persons. It was attributed to Irgun or Stern Gangs. (The Sunday Times, Sept. 24, 1972, p.8)

December ll, 1947 Six Arabs were killed and 30 wounded when bombs were thrown from Jewish trucks at Arab buses in Haifa; 12 Arabs were killed and others injured in an attack by armed Zionists on an Arab coastal village near Haifa.

December 13,1947 Zionist terrorists, believed to be members of Irgun Zvai Leumi, killed 18 Arabs and wounded nearly 60 in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Lydda areas. In Jerusalem, bombs were thrown in an Arab market-place near the Damascus Gate; in Jaffa, bombs were thrown into an Arab cafe; in the Arab village of Al Abbasya, near Lydda, 12 Arabs were killed in an attack with mortars and automatic weapons.

December 19, 1947 Haganah terrorists attacked an Arab village near Safad, blowing up two houses, in the ruins of which were found the bodies of 10 Arabs, including 5 children. Haganah admitted responsibility for the attack.

December 29, 1947 Two British constables and 11 Arabs were killed and 32 Arabs injured, at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem when Irgun members threw a bomb from a taxi.

December 30,1947 A mixed force of the Zionist Palmach and the "Carmel Brigade" attacked the village of Balad al Sheikh, killing more than 60 Arabs.

1947 -- 1948 Over 700,000 Palestinian Arabs were uprooted from their homes and land; since then, they have been denied the right to return or been given compensation for their property. After their expulsion, the "Israeli Forces" razed to the ground 385 Arab villages and towns out of a total of 475, and obliterated their remains.

January 1, 1948 Haganah terrorists attacked a village on the slopes of Mount Carmel; 17 Arabs were killed and 33wounded.

January 4, 1948 Haganah terrorists wearing British Army uniforms penetrated into the center of Jaffa and blew up the Serai (the old Turkish Government House) which was used as a headquarters of the Arab National Committee, killing more than 40 persons and wounding 98 others.

January 5, 1948 The Arab-owned Semiramis Hotel in Jerusalem was blown up, killing 20 persons, among them Viscount de Tapia, the Spanish Consul. Haganah admitted responsibility for this crime.

January 7, 1948 Seventeen Arabs were killed by a bomb at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, 3 of them while trying to escape. Further casualties, including the murder of a British officer near Hebron, were reported from different parts of the country.

January 16, 1948 Zionists blew up three Arab buildings. In the first, 8 children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years, died.

December 13, 1947 -- February 10, 1948 Seven incidents of bomb-tossing at innocent Arab civilians in cafes and markets, killing 138 and wounding 271 others, During this period, there were 9 attacks on Arab buses. Zionists mined passenger trains on at least 4 occasions, killing 93 persons and wounding 161 others.

The list is endless, for more click here.

I don't understand why Americans are so brainwashed. You truly believe parents send their children off to die? Many of the suicide bombings were done in secret behind their parents back, in fear that their parents would stop them. What is wrong with American media? Oops, I meant American "Jewish" media. Thank God I've lived in London. Media here is very neutral.

And why do you have this fixated belief that the Israeli government is exonerated from sin? They make Hitler look like Barney. If we were seriously debating this, I'd being you up facts you couldn't even argue with. Ask yourself this, why hasn't Sharon ever stepped into Belguim? If he does, he'll be immediately convicted of the crimes of the Sabra and Chatilla massacres, which killed 1800 Palestinians and 17,500 Lebanese civilians.

Lack of education (Sharon shut schools down), lack of freedom (curfews), mass murder, poverty, no water supply, no food and the mere fact that your land has been seized by your enemy and the world is silent, is horrifying. Yet Palestinians are expected to sit on their homeless assess and "negotiate"? F*ck it, hell no. You think Israelis want negotiations? Don't make me burst into laughter, please. Why is it when psychologists ask Palestinian children to draw pictures, they draw pictures of tanks and dead bodies. Our children aren't encouraged to suicide bomb, but when they see their father shot, mother beaten, sisters taken in, no future they believe their lives are cheap and meaningless. I don't condone Suicide bombing because it's against my religion but hell I don't blame them at all.

Now imagine your son or daughter was shot right in front of you. (Muhammad Al-Durra, out buying his father cigarettes when shot by Israeli troops, being 11 years of age.) At the beginning they said it was a "cross fire", then when no one bought that, they said Palestinians "dress up" as Israeli troops and shoot eachother to gain support. Ridiculous BS. Girls my age are taken into prisons and raped. These concentration camps that they place Palestinians in are open until TODAY. I watched a documentary on it on British TV, where a former IDF soldier refused to give an interview. And another former soldier gave an interview and refuted the facts and said, "my daughter was killed by suicide bomber, but I was soldier, I saw what we did. When a woman is humiliated on a check-point in the morning, her son will commit suicide in the afternoon." He goes on to making a point by saying, "Suicide bombing didn't just come out of the blue, there must have been something that ignites it, and we do." Now I'm no fan of Israelis but I truly respected this man. He isn't the only who gave anti-israeli interviews, many more did. And I also gave you the links to all those peace-loving Jews sites didn't I?

Yes you are ignorant, unreasonable and down right brainwashed. Yes JuneBug go ahead and let Bush tell you "Arabs" are the enemy. But if you show resentment or antagonism towards Palestinians, you do so towards me. Why I blame everything on America is because Israel wouldn't stand today if it weren't for your government. Every penny towards Israel is a bullet. Thankfully I've boycotted Amerian products. How can you want Palestinians to show peace when they're not even free? After bombing Mosques and churches, women and children, civilians and reporters, homes and buses, the Palestinians are the ones who are savages?!!