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Reply to "North Korea: Begging For An Ass Wuppin'!"

but you keep blaming America for every damn thing wrong in the world, often you post on other topics that are converted to this Palestinian issue, like this one Smile. And I say, here's AQ pushing these damn heathens again. It's very very difficult for me to feel sympathy for a people who raise their own children to murder\suicide innocent men, women and children and exploit their religious beliefs to convince their own to do it. And among all the other backward shiyt they do to women, like the honor killing women by family members, that is backward and ignant to say the least. ("ignant", is how we say it, AQ, Smile)

When you go there you are own your own.

But if you seek peace and make serious efforts to make peace and put down the people who don't want peace then I with you all the way. But going into Pizza parlors and market places and buses and killing innocent people, then I will never see your point cuz I can't get pass the savage mentality of the Palestinians.

We Black people been through a lot of shiyt but I can proudly say we never stooped to what the Palestinians are doing and in the name of God. Only a fool would negotiate with such a people.

The bottom line is Palestinians do not want peace as long they are led by groups who promote and execute suicide killings of innocent people.

Defeat, is the only way that peace can come about in that region.

AQ, I appreciate you because your posts gives me insight into your world but just because we share this board does not mean I am going to automatically hop on your bandwagon.

I do like you but I do not share your Palestinians sentiments in the least.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.