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Reply to "North Korea: Begging For An Ass Wuppin'!"

The title of this Thread is straight ridiculous, and illustrates our 'collective' lack of knowledge about global affairs and our play in it.

It appears that Amerikkka is starting to reap the fruits of their unethical labors of many decades of seed planting.

Korea is actually using the situation to their advantage. They see what is happening with the Bush Administration PUSHING hard for a war with Iraq. Clearly this war is unjustified at this time. And we should all be very concerned about this. Perhaps they view the developments as another chapter in America's global conquest. We seek to divide and destroy our 'enemies' economically and militarily.

Right to bear Arms:
I find it alarming that we don't want our non-allied countries to have "weapons of mass destruction". We have the worlds largest stockpile of WOMD. Why should other countries be asked to strip themselves of any credible defense? Yes, I belive that countries that prove they are a threat to World peace (not Amerikkkan interests) should be disarmed, but only at the hands of an established, globally recognized enforcment agency (The United Nations). What do you think would happen if every country except us disarmed? Is that fair to other nations, cultures, and governments?

Practice What we Preach:
Our Constitution, founding fathers, and government ideals are supposed to be about Freedom, Human Rights, Peace, Christianity and Democracy. As a country, our implementation of foreign policy is not consistent with these beliefs. And the global community is starting to see the wolfs tail under our sheeps clothing.

Ever since 911, we have seen an unparalleled amount of lies and deceipt from our Govt to blind us from what is really going on. Our Government wants us to believe that we are so great and pure, that other nations are jealous, possessed with utter hatred for no reason at all; that we are being picked on because we represent what is good. A lie. Kind of reminds me of the bully in high school; never at fault, and only picks on who he can with ease. If we keep listening to the lies, without the demand for the truth, the we will be involved in more military conflicts (as we have in the past...Vietnam)for years to come.

IraQ and Korea:
Remember when we were taught by our parents that 1)mean what you say 2)stand up for what's right 3)Don't play favorites?
Remember when this campain against IRaq started? Bush's most convincing argument was IRAQs intent and actual movement to acquire and develop nuclear weapons? Well, if that's true, then yeah, this is a war worth fighting. Clearly Saddam should not have nuclear weapons. But after Bush's words, NO EVIDENCE followed. Bush wants the american people to sacrifice lives for a cause, but doesn't feel obligated to PROVE his case to the people. The UN still doesn't have A SINGLE PIECE of evidence from the Bush Administration. Cause there is none. And then comes Korea, openly admitting their renewed commitment to a nuclear program, and rapidly moving forward. Bush's respons....LAME and weak. But his words for IRAQ are strong, and confrontational. This has got to be the biggest contradiction. After all, shouldn't we have shifted our focus to Korea?
Perhaps Bush should refresh his memory on the Kennedy's handling of the Cuban Missle Crisis. The blockade was a direct military response to a clear and present danger (well near future). Iraq represents none of the sort. What threat are they? Korea on the other hand IS a clear and present danger.

Myth: War makes money:
It is my opionion that Bush wants this war for the OilFields. Negotiations are already underway with Russia and other nations in regards to resources in Iraq. And no matter what develompments occur, the White House's attitude, rhetoric, and actions show nothing else than the desire to move to war. Regardless of what the UN inspectors find, I believe that we are heading for a war. Only American public opinion can stop this. I don't think this war will help us economically, even with the oil fields. This is not the industrial revolution. Modern times like today are extremely different.

Our Media, Who's side are they on?
The media is in the best position to ask questions, and disclose that to the people they serve-The American Public. Here's a quick llist of items I can think of?
1. What happened to the 911 investigations? How can no one be of fault? Someone or a group of people made errors somewhere?
2. What REALLY happened to the third plane that "crashed as a result of an onboard struggle"
3. What is it costing Americans to have all these troups deployed whan a move to go to war has not even been approved by the UN?
4. why are we diplomatic towards Korea, and confrontational towards IRAQ?
5. Why are we going to occupy Iraq? Is this in violation of Internation Laws on warfare? Geneva Convention, etc...?
This list can go on and on, but point is that the media is an accomplice in all this mis-information.

We will not attack Korea, because they have the capability to 'deter' us. Yes, we can win, no doubt, but the threat and capability of weapons of mass destruction is far too great. If we hold all the cards, nothing stops us from global conquest. And that would make us no different than the Nazis or the Soviets.