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Reply to "North Korea: Begging For An Ass Wuppin'!"

Lovely debate!,
But to back up to a point earlier made by Henry38.
What about we blacks?, what are we doing?, whose side are we taking?, where do we stand globally?, As the lapchild of the bully or the grown up children, men and women of stolen africans, ex slaves? do we stand with our tourmentor or do we stand with the tormented?!.

North Korea is a white boys head-ache only memory is a cold weather ass kicking, a half century multi-billion dollar standoff and annexation of a land and its people(S Korea).

A growing body of global hatred looms over every horizon while the "Enemy" gains more and more sympathy and attention from meek nation states wracked with IMF credit problems or Multi-Million dollar corporate rape and robbery from US firms. The globe is lean and hungry for a change, starving for a chance, a piece a bit of their own land and dignity.

The US economies books are cooked and the dollars lost cant continue to bank-roll S.Korea, Turkey, Israel, S.Africa, Jordan, Qatar etc. we're to broke to pay the coming gas price hyke, we're to broke to pay the heating fuel costs, to broke to hit the McDonalds dollar value menu!.

Bush has a Texas size ASS Kickin comin for him, remember he had that cherry on his eye and split lip by that heavey weight pretzel?!, Imagine the pretzel beat down he'll choke down when the money vail draws up and Cheney, Lay, Rumsfield, James BakerIII, Daddy GB, and the lots a$$e$ are exposed?!, bush is the front man for a lot of individuals and corporations, HUH?

If N Korea convinces the S Korean peoples sympathy to depart US quarters and the S korean government stops spending that 1.5 Billion a year with boeing, ratheon (The Carlyle Group) heads are going to roll.

damn!, great topic such a wealth of interaction we are at the epicenter of the great American waterloo and Alamo per donald "The Sitting Duck" Rumsfeld's statement of handling Saddam(The Mid East) and N Korea (Asia Propper)

Long live those of US waking the masses debating to find our voices, Long live those who carry and deliver our voices to the world.

Peace Love Light
Khem Saqa