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Reply to "North Korea: Begging For An Ass Wuppin'!"

Originally posted by kraaaal:
_GW Bush: Begging For An Ass Wuppin! _

Rather than assume the office of President of the United States with the explicit intent on world peace and diplomacy, GW Bush came into office insulting the world with his "axis of evil comments." Comments such as these no doubt placed the global community on notice that GW was ready for confrontation and had no use for diplomacy or peace negotiators.

Now the North Koreans are gearing up to challenge GW and his thirst for military confrontation. Meanwhile, while Rumsfeld boast of America's ability to handle Iraq and North Korea at the same time, he conspicuously omits the thousands of US deaths that will result from fighting two avoidable and absolutely unnecessary wars!

GW Bush must be stopped Now!!! Americans will die unnecessarily on the Korean peninsula and in Iraq with absolutely no material gain or value to Americans to speak of! And what about Osama Bin Laden? The Bush administration has made little or no progress in either stopping or capturing Bin Laden. America needs peace diplomacy not more WAR! Stop this idiot Bush administration NOW!!!