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Reply to "North Korea: Begging For An Ass Wuppin'!"


if these enemies possess the knowledge for making nukes what stops them from giving them to terrorists to terrorise you in the US. Think man

In a way I agree to some extent but I also disagree on some others.

What makes you think that there hasn't been an exchange of WMD's between nKorea, terrorist and others already? nKorea and Iraq have been pretty chummy in the past with Iraq sending missiles to nKorea and nKorea improving the technology of the missile before sending it back.

This area is unstable and nKorea obtaining nukes would make it worse. China and Korea still want payback on Japan for the past and part of the agreement is no one in the region is to have nukes or an escallation would occur. If nKorea goes ahead then Japan will automatically demand the right to defend herself, which in turn will force China and South Korea to do the same. And if China escallates then of course Russia will definatly feel threatened.

So the question arises do we sit back and let them do whatever they want, plan possible attacks without any sort of retaliation or watch this region really get down and dirty? Or do we act now to prevent an escallation of WMD's or possible attacks.

One thing I do agree on for sure is, that we don't need to negotiate for jack!

As far as the language being used I'm for it...
(I know that is not popular, but oh well) Smile