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Reply to "No Props to Jason Whitlock for this bs article (re: Serena Williams)"

Originally posted by Khalliqa:
Originally posted by negrospiritual:
Welp, when i read the Steve McNair article, i thought it was simply a reaction to the tragedy of four boys losing their father over drawls, but i see now, the dude has a pattern of harsh criticism for black professional athletes, even when they're at the top of their game and winning wimbledon...

I don't think self-hatred is too harsh a word here.

I agree NS..

But his being a self hater (and I share your assessment lol) doesn't make the accurate parts of his criticism any less true.. including that of Serena...

As an athlete her physical fitness will be called into question and open to criticism.. as people do boxers, swimmers, dancers or track stars when they gain a few pounds.. if they are in a sport/field where weight gain appears to play a role in their performance..

This of course is separate from his (Whitlock's) overfixation on Serena's arse... (He sounds like he was taking a swig of alkie hawl when he wrote this! lol) but not all of his points should be dismissed.. just his manner of speaking..
On another note:

From the limited information we have unfortunately Steve McNair died embroiled in a scandal for which he left himself tainted and open to criticism ...

I see all of these deaths and the subsequent commentary/ opinions they have generated and think of MJ... and just think American idols really should not be heavily represented in the entertainment/sports field... I think Obama has broken that barrier.. but honestly I would like to see more critical analysis where one can see past the persona of the person presenting their opinion... or our own love for a person and have a platform accepting of more complex analysis where we can discuss the legacy of the person's faults as well as their positives.. I've seen too many discussions that are heavily extreme..

1. If you love the person- ANY criticism is seen as hatred... even where criticism might be warranted..

2. If you dislike the person- ANY respect for the honor of their legacy, respect for their humanity in death etc.. will be seen as blind love...

I find that the person's we find extraordinary are extraordinary in their complexities as well presenting actions/decisions that call forth both derision and inspiration.. Human beings are rarely worth only one or the other...
Really, the net is full of this type of thing.. :-/