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Reply to "Nigerian Military Says It Rescued More Than 800 Hostages From Boko Haram"

Kocolicious posted:

"As the Nigerian armed forces started to take back these territories and the women and the girls came back, but also the children who had been born out of sexual violence, we were finding that communities and families were struggling to accept these children and women and girls back... So there's a fear about the returning girls and women, that they somehow may have been radicalized because they've spent such long periods under the control of Boko Haram."


  The people there  got to teach the villagers that these women and children kidnapped as well as the babies born from rape by Boko Haram are NOT a danger to the community.  They must REACH OUT to these people and let them now they are now home and safe.  What type of example to set for those other scared folks that if you get kidnapped and raped by the enemy you and the offsprings from that torture is NOT welcome?  Spiritual leaders must come together and make the people UNDERSTAND that is NO fear.   And that those people BELONG there.  Otherwise, superstition will takeover and MORE senseless deaths will occur-ONLY cuz the people are NOT educated about the issue.  This is the reason why most people can't return home-out of ignorance and fear.  Which should be the FIRST things to be dismantled as they embraced those people who were harmed.  If no ones say anything....this repeat itself over and over...and it's called self-genocide.  But! 

They know.  That's all bullshit rhetoric to keep from saying that patriarchal religious bullshit hates and punishes women for having any evidence of sexual activity without the benefit of "marriage".  

It's pure SEXISM; the same as the ignorant, unfair SEXISM practiced in Africa where they were going stone a woman to death for becoming pregnant out of wedlock, but had nothing to say about what was going to happen to the child's father.  

Hell, if anything, they should have stoned the man to death for leaving the woman in such a predicament with no sense of remorse in the first place.

[Sometimes it's hard to tell which Africa needs saving from the most, their neo-colonizers and exploiters, or the beliefs, religions and cultures so rooted in ignorance of so many of its people.]

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