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Reply to "Nigeria’s Active Internet Users Total Over 48 Million"

Originally Posted by Xumbrarchist:

But I spend time wading through lots of crappy information on the Internet.  The problem is QUALITY OF INFORMATION.


If I had lots of high quality information stored on my computer I would use the Internet a lot less.  Is that what advertisers and ISPs want?




That's the biggest problem with the internet, and the problem has gotten worse over time.  


There is too much crap, advertisement, deliberate misinformation and there is far less credible sources and information that can either be easily accessed, or accessed for free or without wading through enormous amounts of irrelevant or biased sensationalism to get to in the first place.  


You now have to wad through, not only annoying commercials/ads, but also through 'everybody and their mama', and all the people sitting in the house with the aluminum foil hats on, that are on the internet or are putting themselves out as credible sources  


Between the constant and/or intrusive advertisements and lack of credible sources and information, the internet is fast becoming broadcast/analog TV that you have to pay for.