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Reply to "Nigeria’s Active Internet Users Total Over 48 Million"

Originally Posted by Xumbrarchist:

That is the terrific irony!

I am one of the people who is regarded as wearing a tin foil hat.


. . . 


Are our educational institutions any better than the Internet?




I don't think you are regarded as one of the people wearing the tin foil hats at all, because at least you know what you are talking about and speak of things based in fact or science, rather than an over active imagination or refusal to take your meds.


As far as our education systems are concerned, I think it's really the same as it was before integration, the wealthy communities have schools and motivated teachers that are just fine, while the poor communities have schools that are lacking, often in many areas, including unmotivated teachers, and in many cases, lacking severely enough to ruin a child's academic life beginning in their formative years.  


When you look at the grand scheme of things in public education, it actually does look a lot like "the internet" since it's often a roll of the die credible un-maniuplated, un-"scrubbed" information on the internet, and anything on the internet really has commercialization and corporate America's print all over it. The same could be said of America's public schools, since the quality of education you child receives depends more on where you happen to live than, or live at the time, and just like the internet, America's public schools have corporate America's print all over them as they are being turned into de facto ponzi schemes for politicians and corporations.