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Reply to "Nigeria: A Nation of Pedophiles"

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:


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I am not arguing,


Yea you are?


I just deal with Facts.


Facts about what? My comment?


You just play with the definition of words just to avoid answering the questions.


I haven't  avoid anything.  I'm just NOT participating in YOUR game is all.  


Nobody bully you here.


Not true.  That's actually what you are trying to do.  As if I have to tell you something to satisfy YOUR interpretation of "fact."  Please...


How can you feel bullied by Facts presented to you?


See this is what I mean.  I told you two times already that I didn't VIEW the video.  So I know RIGHT HERE your SOLE purpose is to TRY to interrogate what I said as if... 


It is you own effort to avoid answering the questions


I avoid nothing,.,,,,


that make you feel bullied by yourself.


Deserves no comment


Nobody is your enemy here

Did I say that?  That would be "no!"


so just relax and answers the following questions:


Sorry I'm not good at following demands.

Additionally, just so you know..., I'm not on YOUR trial-as if your inquiry is to dismantle what I said. Secondly, you are NOT gonna minimize my comment as if I OWE you jusification as to what I meant-you figure it out. Since you gonna dismiss what I said to initially.  And BTW...Who is this "US?"


...that there is a lie or a flaw in his statement?


Apparent you refuse to acknowledge that I. for the THIRD time, responded to the comment while you deliberately overlook or avoid the fact that I didn't view the VIDEO. It appears to me that you are "attempting" to disprove something I've said to make your subliminal case about me being an effort to feel better that you "caught" me in a lie or fallacy that you can beat me over the head with. Therefore, again I suggest YOU figure out what I meant when I said 500 years. Cuz I'm done.  But!

We all know that we are NOT talking about video here, so stay focus and don't try to divert us from the subject with petty things. Yes you failed again , His statement is very short and you din't find any flaw or lie in his statement. Dont feel guilty like that, just confess that you like to look down upon Nigerians. You cannot find even one mistake in his statement so why do you criticize him?, Or you just wanted to have a go at a Nigerian Lawyer?. That is the point!, His statement ONLY. And if you failed to find a flaw or a lie in his statement just agree with the FACT. Doing all this fuss will not hide the Fact you cannot prove that this Nigerian lawyer was wrong. You just cannot!. You failed! 



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