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Reply to "New Research in Historical Studies"

Thanks AFROMAN!!

Yes... the His-story of the Conqueror...
What is so amazing to me is that people who are "so willing" to denounce slavery, etc. are also so willing to except the biased historical accounts to come out of that period I guess unless a "historian" was a blatant, raving, unscientific racists lunatic... Of course, that's in keeping with the very Western "isolated incident", 'racism isn't institutionalized and pervasive' especially when it comes to the "educated"... they know better and wouldn't dare have an white supremacy agenda (big or small) or the requisite aversion to the truth when not in their favor.

I guess every thief must Speak Like A Thief, Walk Like A Thief, and Looks Like A Thief 24/7 and in everything they do...

DENIAL doesn't begin to tell the story. Our Great Brother-Father-Teacher, JHC was definitely on point... We need our own independent and dispassionate study of all those areas.

We know there are some who will always think the White Man's Ice is Colder. That's why we should definitely emphasize "dispassionate" yet intense study and let the fact speak for themselves. All we can do is seek and speak the TRUTH and do our best to honor it. What others do with, let AFROMAN said: They will have to Answer for that.

There's a world of difference between truth and facts.
Facts can obscure truth.
- Maya Angelou