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Reply to "New Regulations Allows The Army To Call Black People Negro"

I never understood why we have such a hard time with defining ourselves


We keep coming up with new got damn terms that mean the same thing.


Colored, Negro, Black, Moor, Nigga, Nigger...I mean it's the same word over and over again just different root languages. It means dark skinned. I mean there are Black people in Australia and they really ain't African. 


Then it's Afro American, African American, American African...


I mean we shouldn't be so word conscious but different terms mean totally different things to us.


To me it's ALL THE SAME's just HOW people say it or the context. But even then I kinda look at it like


"Being called Black and being called a Nigger is just the same thing."


It's just the literal definition of words is kinda what I interpret. Probably because I am a literal person. I say what I mean and I expect other people do also. I don't like ambiguity. Nor do I have a soft skin so context means little to me because I am focused on what a person is actually saying. 


I wish we would stop using what we call ourselves to bolster our self esteem and identity, it's getting ridiculous. At this point, it should be about what we DO instead of what we are called.


White people only got 3 terms for themselves. White, European and Caucasian.


We got about 12.