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Reply to "New Orleans Cops Face Charges in Beating"

1. ".........any better, but it is worth pointing out that referring to such an event as a black riot, which seemed to be implied above, is dishonest." by Isome


2. addressed to sunnubian,.....

........ "Like you stated unlike the first riot of 1965, which was a protest, rebellion, "Boston Tea Party", against police brutality and other oppressive conditions to which a predominately Black population were both the oppressed and the participants, the riot of 1992, although initiated by Black people, proceeded to become a predominately Hispanic uprising.

Heck, within my neighborhood, while enroute to work, I witnessed Hispanics breaking into bike shops, and other businesses owned by Koreans.

In addition, the riot of 1992 being County wide, some business owners faked their own property damage, or set fire to their own property as a fraudulent means to collect insurance benefits, from a business venture that was already failing, be it under riot conditions or not. Heck, the haves as well as the have nots were on the take. Individuals in new or late model luxury vehicles could be seen stealing from Fedco, formerly located at Rodeo Road and La Cienega Boulevard, and other business locations, throughout Los Angeles County, Los Angeles County encompassing a large geographical area." by Michael Lofton


There is absolutely no similarity as to wording or meaning, in statement #1, the erroneous statement to imply that Michael stated the 1992 riot was an all Black people thing.....

......versus statement #2, the real words, or written expression of Michael Lofton. Based upon the outcome of the Rodney King verdict and other issues, although some Black people incited the 1992 riot, by and large Hispanics were the primary looters, etc., etc.

....being timid has no relevancy. Although at the time of the 1965 Watts Riot, I was but 11 years old, many thanks to my parents for giving me good leadership, to not become a part of the looting, the bloodshed, etc.

I survived the riot of 1965, and 1992, by using good judgment as opposed to following any crowd of stupidity to where had I followed, instead of having a clean record, I would now have a truly earned felonious criminal record, or like more than just a few people, I would have met my maker, as in sharing dirt with earth worms.

Unlike the riot of 1965, during the riot of 1992, numerous individuals were recorded on video tape by the news media, and/or other media, stealing, setting fires, and/or destroying private property. With a recorded history of criminal activity, all any policing authority would have to do is wait it out, and apprehend all the suspects recorded committing crimes at a later date. Once order was maintained, I don't need to fill in the blanks as to the fate of those who were recorded on tape stealing, damaging property, etc., etc.

...If anyone is not telling the truth it is you EbonyRose, because reports of burglary, fire damage, and property damage during the 1992 riot, extended to other areas that include Pacoima, Long Beach, other cities, and other unincorporated areas that are outside the jurisdictional boundary of the City of Los Angeles, which make the acts of destruction, theft, fire damage, etc., etc., etc., County wide. Last time I checked to which reality will also show, the City of Long Beach and/or other outlying communities are not within the City of Los Angeles.

...and following in the footsteps of the N.O.I. to blame every Caucasian is not the solution, nor will this improve the quality of life in the Black community!

..Other thoughts on the subject that also hold validity to which Daryl Gates, nor Caucasians, etc., are the cause of the demise of the Black community!

...only the gullible, and/or the race card players hold the belief that Chief Daryl Gates was racist.

...another unfounded statement, being that former Los Angeles Police Chief Darryl Gates was a racist. Heck, Daryl Gates did the Black community residents of South Central Los Angeles a favor by not giving the order for LAPD police officers, and/or asking for the California National Guard to restore order in South Central Los Angeles.

In the event the troops had been called in like what took place in 1965, numerous Black people, and/or others would be buried six feet under, or maimed for life.

I shudder at the thought of what former Los Angeles Police Chief Willie Williams, and/or former Police Chief Bernard Parks, would have done.

...and should the government violate the rights of law abiding citizens, civil redress is in order!

Willie Williams being the former police chief of Philadelphia, an import from the City of Brotherly Love, to which former Mayor Wilson Goode gave the order for the Philadelphia police Department to firebomb a residence owned by Move members to which numerous Black home owners, Black residents lives were placed in jeapardy, and a city block or more of homes burnt to a crisp, due to the hasty acts of Mayor Wilson Goode to order the Philadelphia policing authorities to carry out plans to drop an incendiary device from a helicopter on a residence that contained Black women and children associated with the Move organization!

....and I also shudder at the thought of what carpet-bagging 8th District Los Angeles City Councilman, former LAPD Police Chief Bernard Parks, would have done, when Parks was involved in the cover-up of numerous atrocities connected with the Rampart Scandal!

....and I'm not about to change the rest of the material just to please a reader's eyes, or if spoken, a listener's ears, because this material is true and factual, and no amount of lipservice, Daryl Gates bashing, George Bush bashing, playing the card, accusing anyone to be an UT who doesn't agree with them, etc., etc., etc. from a Kweli4Real, Isome, EbonyRose, Kevin41, or otherwise will change it!


Michael Lofton
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